About us

About the blog

We love food. We LOVE it. We linger over squash blossoms at the farmers market and “cheers” with rice paper rolls. We trade soups and sigh over the wonder that is broccoli. We reminisce about the night of seven cheeses and look forward to outdoing it.

Soooo if it’s vegetarian and available in the District, you can probably assume that we’ve eaten it, cooked with it, dreamed about it, or have it on our to-eat list. And when we’re not working our day jobs, you can pretty much assume that we’re planning, making, or eating a meal.

Searching for good restaurants has led us to notice that most ratings and reviews just don’t apply to us because they are based on the preferences of meat-eaters. Yes, we love a good all-vegetarian or vegan place, but what about those eateries that have clearly made an effort to make their one or two vegetarian options amazing, or to have a wide variety of veggie choices on their menus? What about restaurants whose staff are accommodating enough to make vegetarian substitutions for us?

Our search for the best of everything vegetarian in DC finally had us bursting with so many recipes, reviews and tips that we simply had to share. Join us as we reveal the vegetarian gems of DC and beyond!

What we mean by ‘vegetarian’

It’s sometimes tough to know whether items in restaurants are truly meat-free. In cases where there may be hidden ingredients like fish sauce, lard, or meat broth, we check with the kitchen. However, we’ve been led astray before so if you have any information to share about restaurants we review, please email us!

We eat products containing eggs and dairy. We aren’t strict about the source of rennet in cheese (which can often be animal-based) and don’t ask about it because restaurants rarely have this information. If you don’t eat animal rennet, you may want to verify with the restaurant or avoid ordering items with cheese that we may have reviewed.

About the authors

Meera is a native Californian who’s been living in DC for the last three years. She’s a microbiologist by day and an avid eater by night…and day. Her food pyramid looks a lot like this:


Anupama hails from Maryland and has been baking since she was eight. She started cooking in college and can make pretty much any vegetarian dish except for Thai curries, but she’s working on that.

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  1. Congratulations on maintaining this attractive, informative and entertaining blog!

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