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In my mind, there are three kinds of pizza. Each plays a distinct and important role in my diet:

1. Gourmet-indulgence: like Pizzeria Paradiso – crust has well-developed flavor, buffalo mozzarella, premium tomatoes, basil.
2. Gourmet-healthy: like I make at home – hearty whole wheat crust, may involve tofu and/or broccoli, sharp cheese.
3. The Slice – a rather large wedge of thin-crusted, uniformly topped, cheesy goodness. One or two slices and you’re done, depending on size.

During a recent trip to Seattle, I went experience a slice at Pagliacci’s. The pictures aren’t going to do it justice – the beauty of a slice is mostly in the taste and texture after all, but here you go:

Cheese and mushroom slices

Cheese and mushroom slices

Pagliacci’s offers a happy-medium crust that’s both thin, chewy, and crispy, and plenty of savory, cheesy goodness.

I’d already devoured these and felt pleasantly full when the friendly guy behind the counter came by and started chatting with us. When I told him that yes, indeed I was vegetarian, he got this look in his eye and started describing a pizza he thought I absolutely MUST have. It was the AGOG Primo™ with mushrooms, roasted garlic, goat cheese, Kalamata olives, fontina, mozzarella and parsley on olive oil with tomatoes added after baking.

The AGOG Primo™

It’s normally made only on certain days of the week but you can ask for it any day. Just do it. The combination of garlic (and they somehow avoided burning the already-roasted garlic during baking), veggies and cheeses might merit its own subcategory: the Gourmet Slice. I was sad that I only had room for one of these mind-blowingly good slices, which means I’ll just have to go again. I really appreciated that the pizza guy himself was excited about this veggie pie and the attention to detail (adding the tomatoes and parsley post-bake) was a nice touch.

Pagliacci’s currently has 25 locations throughout the Seattle area, with many offering delivery. Try a scrumptious slice or three on your next visit! We got ours at the Queen Anne location:

550 Queen Anne Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109