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fresh Italian croissants

Breakfast at the Country House Montali is a relaxing, informal meal where guests chat about food, plans for the day, and life in general. The €110 per-person, per-night price includes breakfasts and four-course gourmet vegetarian meals (like this). The inn attracts a very friendly crowd, we got to know several of the other visitors. At first, I was surprised to find that so many of them were Dutch, but Vegeterranean (Malu and Alberto’s cookbook) was first published in the Netherlands and is quite popular there.

On the first morning, we had a lovely fresh muesli with yogurt and fruit. Every breakfast includes cornetti (the Italian version of croissants), which look very similar to the original French variety. The flavor, though, is very different as they are made of brioche dough and seem to have a faint anise-like flavor. Eric loved them.

Yes, the fig was picked from Montali’s orchard that very morning.

The second morning’s breakfast was a fresh, hot waffle with fruit, syrup and butter. Oh my. The waffle was perfectly crispy on the outside and springy on the inside. I savored every bit as it was our last meal at Montali.

Most guests at Montali venture out into the nearby towns after breakfast. Within an hour’s drive from the hotel are Perugia, Assisi, and Siena, where one can easily pass an afternoon taking in scenery, having lunch, and perhaps shopping. However, you just might not want to leave the serenity of the Country House (one of the quietest places I’ve ever been), and lunch can be had right there (for an additional fee) if you request it at breakfast. Definitely go this route if you have only one or two days at Montali.

Via Montali, 23
Tavernelle di Panicale, Perugia, Italy
0039 -075 8350680