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In a city blessed with dozens of Ethiopian restaurants, I was intrigued to see one singled out by the Post and again in their Essential Vegetarian Eats. So I set off to H Street’s Ethiopic last weekend to find out if it really stands out above all the rest.

We ordered the Vegetarian Sampler II, covering nearly all of the vegetarian offerings, including gomen (collard greens), miser wot (lentils in berbere spices), kik aletcha (mild yellow split peas), fosolia (spicy caramelized green beans), tikile gomen (cabbage and carrots), dinich wot (potatoes in sauce), and shimbra asa wot (spicy chickpea dumplings).

Vegetarian Sampler II

Fosolia isn’t on most menus at Ethiopian restaurants and it’s a shame. It’s a chewy, spicy mix of green beans, onions and jalapenos that is distinct in taste and texture from what you normally think of as Ethiopian fare. I’ll definitely be craving this again and would love to eat a giant plate with some roti and a side of plain yogurt, Indian-style.

The gomen, miser wot, tikile gomen and dinich wot were all nice but pretty standard – certainly no better than their counterparts found in other spots. The kik aletcha, which should be creamy and dreamy (Anupama’s favorite is at Meskerem), was undercooked and underflavored, and the chickpea dumplings in the shimbra asa wat were dry and dense.

If you’re in the H Street area, stop by some time to try the fosolia. The ambiance and decor are classier than most Ethiopian restaurants so it might also be a nice choice for, say, when your parents visit. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it over the less pricey options found throughout Adams Morgan and U Street.

401 H Street Northeast
(202) 675-2066