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Our second full day in Rome was devoted to the Colosseum and the Forum. Now, that’s a lot of walking so it’s wise to eat a hearty lunch beforehand. Fortunately, there is amazing pizza to be had not far from the ancient ruins.

Not all of the pizza in Rome is amazing. In fact we had a very forgettable pizza (I actually don’t remember the name of the restaurant) the day before for lunch, and so that night I scoured the Interwebs for pizza reviews.

Li Rioni is just far enough away from the attractions that their servers are not going to try to reel you from the street (don’t eat at those places) and no one is going try to sell you one of these near it, but still only a short walk away. We sat down and ordered a margherita pizza apiece, noting to our server that we’d like mozzarella di bufala rather than regular. He looked pleased and said “Good choice!”

Roman-style pizza crust is cracker-thin and crispy, so it’s kind of like you’re eating a sheet of melted cheese and tomato. This was not a problem for us. The tomatoes in Italy need little more than olive oil, salt and pepper to make a delicious base for mild and creamy buffalo mozzarella. The pizza was simply amazing, and I’ll be back there the next time I’m in Rome.

Via dei Santissimi Quattro, 24
00184 Rome, Italy
06 70450605