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I ended up at Posto in Logan Circle the other night because our original choice, Estadio, was crazy packed. I had been to Posto once before and wasn’t particularly impressed, but it was a nice evening, there was a table available outside, and the cocktails sounded good so we gave it a shot.

I started with the burrata, which was wrapped in a thin slice of zucchini and served over roasted cherry tomatoes. Burrata is so mild and creamy that I prefer it complemented with strong flavors, and there just wasn’t enough tomato goodness on the plate to do it justice. If you’re a fan, try Graffiato‘s or Dino‘s version instead.

Burrata with grilled zucchini and oven-dried tomatoes

For my pasta I chose the Pici Senesi, hand-rolled spaghetti with fava beans in a citrus sauce. The spaghetti itself was a really nice consistency – chewy with just the right amount of al dente bounce. The citrus sauce was light and refreshing but fell a little flat flavor-wise, and the fava beans were overcooked and kind of sad. A hefty sprinkle of parmesan saved the dish but didn’t leave me licking my plate.

Hand-rolled spaghetti in citrus sauce

One of my companions chose the other vegetarian pasta dish, the Delizia, and fared better, with tender bites of nettle and ricotta-filled pasta along with crunchy sliced almonds.

Pasta stuffed with stinging nettles and ricotta

We also tried the brussel sprouts (undercooked and a little too raw-tasting) and a pizza (nothing to write home about although there are a few veggie choices and they are happy to do substitutions).

Overall, the meal was serviceable and seasonal changes in the menu might reveal more hits like the Delizia, but with so many other choices in the area I wouldn’t go out of my way to head back.

Ristorante Posto
1515 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005