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Pete's New Haven Style Apizza

My first trip to Pete’s was the day I moved to DC from Baltimore. I didn’t know if it was the excitement of my new apartment and neighborhood, the extreme hunger after a day of packing and unpacking, or the fact that my awesome brother treated us to the meal AFTER driving the U-Haul and moving all the heavy furniture, but damn, it hit the spot.

A few pizzas later I concluded that the real trick is the fried eggplant. Get anything topped with the thinly cut, perfectly salted, crispy chip-like eggplant. My favorite (and Washington Post’s – so glad to see this made their list!) is the Edge of the Woods, named after a natural foods store in New Haven. It starts with a base of tomato sauce with a kick of spice topped with spinach, ricotta and caramelized onions. Then the pie is showered with handfuls of eggplant from a bucket behind the counter that I sometimes daydream about. Delicious.

There are several other vegetarian pizzas on the menu but they’re pretty standard. Stick to the Edge or try the Coliseum (a bit bolder, with kalamata olives and whole roasted garlic to go with your eggplant).

I often get a side salad which could be a nice non-greasy addition to the meal, except that my favorite is the one topped with two fat rounds of crispy (fried) goat cheese. Good thing my gym is up the street.

My only complaint is that the Columbia Heights location seems to have shortened its draft beer list – it’s been down to about 4 during my last couple visits.

Apparently they’ve always only had 4 taps at Columbia Heights! The bottle selection is pretty good though.

Pete’s Apizza
1400 Irving St NW # 103
Washington, DC 20010